Made it to America!!

We have had 3 flights so far and we made it back to the states!! We all miss India, but we are excited to be back!! Thanks for all the prayers, it had been an amazing experience! :)) Aren is now eating his first cheeseburger in the states lol! We will have pictures of everything posted on Facebook throughout the summer so keep on a lookout! Just a few more minutes before we go on our 4th and last plane!!

India, our last days!!

June 2—-Monday 

Today was a good day!! We did a VBS in the morning for a different village, following the normal routine that we normally do! They were really good listeners and we had a great time with them! Afterwards we went to this restaurant called Chillax with our contacts wife (Debra) and daughter! It was pretty good; similar to American food, but it was a very small portion that they gave you. This was different to us because normally they feed you so much in India! Afterwards we had a few hours Debra came up to us girls’ room and we waited for ladies to come and do our henna designs for us. The ladies finally arrived and man they were cranky! Debra was fighting with the one to bring the price down because they were trying to make us pay double since we were foreigners! Debra is a good person to have bargain for you! lol:) After all that craziness, we had a few hours for a nap and then we were going to the fair! The fair was fun! We walked around and shopped for a few hours, rode a few sketchy rides, and also rode camels! It was getting kind of late by then and we had to go get our stuff to pack for the bus ride back to Hyderabad! We were so sad to leave. So we had our overnight bus ride..

June 3rd—Tuesday

We arrived around 5:30am back to where we called home! We were all so worn out that we took showers and then slept until 8:30. We were going to leave to go last minute shopping earlier but we didn’t end up leaving until 10:00am. The brothers and Julie had seminar meetings so they could take us but they called us a cab to drive us around. Let’s just say this was a experience… The driver took us to a few sightseeing place. These were Qutb Shahi Tombs, and then to the Golconda Fort. These both were amazing place and very beautiful!! We wanted to get some last minute Indian style things, but the driver did not understand what we were saying and we were getting frustrated some. We basically spent most of the day driving around; we swear he didn’t know what he was doing lol!! When we went to the fort the foreigners fee was only 5Rps but we had to pay 100Rps because we weren’t Indian…Isn’t that crazy! But it was worth it in the end!!  Once we got back to the house it was time to pack up and say our goodbyes because we had to leave for the airport. It is very sad having to leave and we will miss them all so much! Who knows, maybe God will call us to go back!! GOD is GOOD! Next stop, a bunch of different airports!

India Day 10!! June 1st, 2014

Today was probably one of the best days!! In the morning we did a VBS/Church service. Since there were more adults and older kids at this village we did our layout of the service like it was normal night service. We did our blueprint skit, testimony, message, and they sand some Indian songs. The village also fed us some lunch, and it was good! Like normal, they gave us soooo much food, we were stuffed! haha. The Church building was the biggest we have been in so far and it was filled with people, maybe over 100, and they were all there to worship God! It was amazing! It was about an hour, or maybe a little under, drive to this village so we didn’t get back until 3:00. We had a little break and then we left to drive to the beach at 4:30pm!! :) IT WAS SO MUCH FUN THERE!! We went to a private beach so only a few people were there and they didn’t even bug us so it was like we had the whole beach to ourselves! This was Emily’s experience and she had a great time!! We were at the beach playing for a good while and then we got hungry so we left to go back to the hotel.

Once back at the hotel we all showered to get rid of all the sand, we had to wear our clothes not swimming wear. As a team after we walked across the street and got some to-go Indian food and took it back to the boys’ room to eat and hangout! We then just watched movies and all chilled together and bonded more! :) GOD is GOOD!! 

Love, Team India!!